Colorado beats #2 Arizona by 16

And storms the court, sort of. Amateurs. They weren’t taking notes from the Auburn game.

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Well another 1 seed bites the dust.

Going to be a Wild March madness…

Yes and anything can happen.

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St Mary’s has jumped on Gonzaga and up by eight points with 6 minutes in the half in front of a crazy crowd in Cali… you got to be ready to play every night

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Yes. Gonzaga needs another loss! The top seeds aren’t going very good today.

A lot of time left in this game but St Mary’s has come out on a mission. Too tired to watch all of it though LOL

I’m going to watch for a little while.
I’m hoping Auburn gets beat by Miss ST and S Carolina this week.

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I’ll make it to halftime :laughing: St Mary’s up by 15 with about 4 minutes left and a half Gonzaga looks like Godzilla handling the ball right now!

If I had just flipped it over there and didn’t know who was who, I’d think the team in red was the #1 team in the country and the team is blue was severely overmatched. Only the team in blue is Gonzaga.

Yeah it’s been quite a shock to watch this usually well oiled Gonzaga machine look like this. I wished our stick man could play like their stick man though,that kids a freak

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Gaels up by 15 at halftime. Drew Timme can’t throw a beachball in the ocean right now. Officially 0-8 from the field, most of which within three feet.

So if St. Mary’s could somehow hang on and win, teams ranked 1-6 will have all lost today (plus #9).

That’s just crazy!

Oregon is up 1 at half on SoCal.

The highest ranked team that won today (so far) is #7 Duke. No, they’re not going to jump Dook from 7 to 1.

Another one bites the dust St Mary’s 67-57. Crazy day of basketball


So where will we be ranked Monday? I know we won’t be ranked in the top 10, but we should be.

I’m going to guess around 14

I don’t expect the Hogs to make a huge jump but I would hope they would move up 3 to 5 spots.

The Vandy and Hofstra losses are looming large! Those 2 stinkers are holding the hogs back. I’ve always looked back at few games in a season and thought about the games that got away. This season those games irritate me. Especially the Vandy game at home. A loss where free throws could have won it. The Bama game on the road hurts but not as much as the Vandy game. That’s what’s keeping the hogs out of deserving a top 10 ranking.

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Without the Vandy, Hofstra losses this team isn’t where it is at today. No such thing as good losses but when you lose like that you listen to your coach after that.

Probably the most amazing thing to me is that coach was able to do all of what he is while having the shoulder surgery at the same time.