Colorado Avalanche wins the Stanley Cup

Which means semi-Arkie Stan Kroenke now owns the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup winner at the same time. Not bad. If the Nuggets had won the NBA he’d have all three titles. But the Warriors beat Denver 4-1 in the first round and won it instead.

Ava been building toward this for years. They have had some great teams in the past. This is their 3rd cup, but it seems this is the most dominant team. I think they only lost 3 games during the whole playoffs. That is pretty amazing

lost at least 2 to the Blues and Bolts, but they were the physically more gifted team. I am the biggest Bolt fan, certainly on this board and faced several dilemmas of which to watch when Hogs and Bolts were on simultaneous. I wish the Hogs showed same resiliency and push that the Lightning do. Hard to be 2 time defending Cup champs and be the underdog in every series played. Injuries and the ability to count to 6 played a huge role in the Cup final. I’m not sure how much the world loves Kroenke, so I congratulate him with reservation. Best owner in sports is Vinik, best trio of owner, GM and coach is Vinik, Bries Bos and Cooper. Cooper and Maroon did call Texarkana home and tell good stories although Texarkana is certainly not hockey hotbed.

Yes. You are right. Avs lost 4. 2 to Nashville and 2 to Tampa. I think those were the teams. Heard this AM it was 3rd most dominant run to cup in NHL. Not bad for a team that was the worst in NHL just 5 yrs ago

Arsenal fans don’t like him very much, but I suspect he’s fairly popular in Denver and SoCal at the moment. Of course English soccer fans don’t like American owners in general, and there are more and more of them; Chelsea was just sold to a minority owner of the Dodgers.

We watched Avs last night with the Gage family. There was lots of celebrating. That dude loves the Avs. I kinda do just from watching with him. I don’t like any other hockey teams.

I think of it as Rugby on ice, not for the faint hearted.

I live 140 miles from the Carolina Hurricanes arena, so I kinda follow them by default. Thought they might have a chance at the Cup this year but they couldn’t beat the Rangers in the second round. They became the first NHL team ever to win their first seven playoff games at home and lose their first six on the road, then the Rangers beat them in Raleigh in game 7.

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