Color Analyst Pat Bradley & the Men's Basketball program creates a winning combination on and off the court

Reference to hawg’s heaven it doesn’t get much better than the combination of Pat Bradley and the men basketball program. The residuals the both are generating ( from the booth and on the hardwood) I believe will have a positive effect on the BB program for years come. Another form of recruiting at a much higher level will help to secure the Ark borders and at the same time venture into the minds and homes of future ballers across those Ark borders lines. On a side note I saw where JDykes signed a contract with ESPN a while back, not sure if he can be depended upon to talk up the Ark program, although I did noticed his enthusiasm as he discussed Cal and the Kentucky program recently .

Pat Bradley was a great Hog does a great job broadcasting.

I never have understood Jimmy Dykes’ love affair with Calipari. They don’t seem to have anything in common

Perhaps it should be noted here that Pat is employed by ESPN, by the SEC Network. He’s not on the UA payroll. And I don’t want him to act like he is; that lessens his credibility. We’d like it, but 13 other fanbases would complain about that Arkansas homer who says Macon and Barford are gaahds.

I watched a little of the post-game show after the Minn game. Dykes was very complimentary of the Hogs and especially Barford, saying that he was the most underrated guard in the SEC.

Is it just me or has Pat lost his New England accent? Good for him!

Pat is on a regular radio show in central arkansas area from 10 am till 1 pm Monday thru Friday, where he can be a homer and promote the Razorback program. Perhaps OP refers to that.

Not really. It’s not as thick as it once was, but Macon is still a gaahd.

OP refers to Color Analyst Pat. He ain’t doing any color analysis from 10a-1p weekdays.

I didn’t appreciate his comments last weekend about our hogs. He doesn’t see our hogs as being very good at all. He can stick his unethical buddies in his pipe and smoke them. He is not one of us. Disloyal like his buddy Gus!

Comments: interesting perspective and somewhat strange to say the least, homer are you kidding me, the countless times since Ark joined the SEC i had to listened to other schools color commentators calling an Ark home game regardless of the program i felt like we are the visitors, I expect the cold shoulder act and all of its fanfare on the road but not on our home floors/ fields. Before you go there, I clearly understand they do not work for the schools but rather the networs. Regardless from my perspective Pat is doing a great job as another recruiting tool, and the next time I see him I will him tell so. Food for thought these young millennials may not always do it the right way however they know what they like and dislike meaning if you don’t have a relationship with them you better be the means to their end… we have to be relentless just as the other schools are within the SEC with there recruiting tactics.

We have to listen to the Kentucky PR machine over and over (such as Jimmy Dykes), but the other schools aren’t gonna put up with anything resembling an Arkansas homer. So trying to be one would be counterproductive. They’ll put Pat on a streaming-only game that only Arkies will watch, but I bet they don’t put him on full SECN games involving us.

You can bet Slim ball Dick Vitale wil call most of Greaseball “Cal’s”
Games. The Kentucky hype train is a joke.
There will come a time where Cal doesn’t hang a banner with all of this talent and they will fire him! He does less with the most talent in the country.
As for Dykes he can now talk bad about what a coach is doing again instead of losing as a head coach! Poetic justice for the hot air he puts out!