Collins' meeting with Arkansas DC helps Hogs


I didn’t realize we had Co DC. I thought Williams was named DC. Who is the other half? Woodson?

Yes. Woodson.

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I assume one will be in charge of the Run and the other in charge of the pass… have we ever had CO DC?

I can’t recall Co-DC’s. I can recall bad DC’s…. :wink:

I think Woodson’s title was a salary justification decision but clearly SP wants the secondary to get better than what it has been so there could be more to it than title… Williams has been called the DC by Pittman numerous times including press conference. The question on open slot for another defensive coach was touched upon by Pittman who said he was looking at one or more candidates for that position --he did not elaborate on job duties for that person or what his title would be.

I suspect the defensive staff will be more of the whole collaborative effort rather than one main person going forward–like the Liberty Bowl game planning. I also suspect the whole group will be more involved in recruiting for positions and total defensive side of ball given history of last couple years.

Pittman is still fending off people coming for staff like KB so I suspect we will hear something when the dust settles whenever that is.

Based on what I’ve heard in CO coordinator positions is that one focuses on one aspect and the other focuses on another.

I understand but I tend to follow the money and believe this is title for money more than equal accountabiltiy for results of defense. IE , one of the two will hold the focus of head coach on results more than other and that would be the higher paid one. I do not see Cody Kennedy being responsible for play calling resutts if he got more money and a title change to support that versus KB;s salary, as an example.

Here is latest breakdown of coaches salaries with KB still to get bump as result of MSU (not reflected in these numbers ) and one remaining open defensive slot. I believe this is accurate .

Arkansas assistant football coach salaries
|OC Kendal Briles|$1.25 million|. To be adjusted MSU,etc.
|Co-DC Travis Williams|$1.1 million|
|Co-DC Marcus Woodson|$700,000|
|STC Scott Fountain|$515,000|
|OL Cody Kennedy|$700,000|
|STC Scott Fountain|$515,000|
|DL Deke Adams|$400,000|
|RB Jimmy Smith|$360,000|
|WR Kenny Guiton|$340,000|
|TE Morgan Turner|$325,000|

New Strength and Conditioning $400,000 this year and $450,000 next($425000avg). Former S&C was $325000.

SP sent big message on the S&C hire by paying more than half the staff’s salary levels with one more hire to go. He must be happy with Kennedy and also Woodson. I can see KB getting interest when you compare it to head coaches salaries. Todd M. OC at Ga. was highest paid last year at $2.0Million. SP will have to continue to defend salaries for coaches on at least half his staff, jmho.

Really do not care who calls the plays as long as team plays well and is competitive. However, that will continue to be a challenge I think(nothing against Deke Adams but follow $ on two lines).

To support the co defensive position , the combined salary is equal to Odom;s last year.–maybe that is the thinkings.

Jimmy Smith needs a raise.

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Bet he gets it.

We need to make sure the Hogs are the ones giving it to him. (I don’t think he’s leaving, but it sounds like some other schools covet him.)

I think Arkansas is in very, very good shape with Charleston.


meritocracy puts Jimmy Smith at the top and it ain’t close in my mind. Does head of recruiting have any title value these days??

I hope so RD - I said from the start we wouldn’t get him, hope I have to eat those words


Love seeing these pics RD….thanks for posting. He he looks like a freak already and can only imagine once he gets here in our weight program….whoaaaa!!!

I’ve never seen anywhere on the official Razorback site where Williams has ever been called a CO-DC. Everything I’ve seen has Williams as DC and Woodson as CO-DC (for salary purposes).

Williams is the DC and Woodson is co-DC.

I got clarification the other day.

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