Collins, Mallett...

Both playing well for Baltimore tonight. Flacco is out of the game, in concussion protocol. Mallett threw a touchdown pass just before intermission. Collins has 78 yards rushing and almost 40 receiving, second half just started.

Several people on this board maintained Alex would never play in the NFL. Too slow. Seattle seemed to have thought that too.

Guess Alex has proved them all wrong. Good for him. I said all along he would be a very good NFL back. He makes people miss in a phone both. That’s a great asset in the NFL.

I’m probably going to jinx him by talking about him, but the TNF crew did a nice little segment about Alex’s Irish Dancing and about his overcoming being bullied as a kid. Jim Nance also surprisingly (to me at least) said that Ryan Mallett was practicing some at tight end with the Ravens.

Mallett at tight end? I seem to recall that he was put in tight end drills at a HDN football camp which did not make him happy. Thus he chose Michigan out of HS.

Does that ring a bell?

LDHog, please take this in the right spirit: It’s two "t"s. :smiley:

When Mallett was in school, it got to the point that his name was often given as “2 ts”.

Thanks Marty. I need all the help I can get.

Glad to see those guys do well. I know Pat Gazzola loved em both. So there are smiles in Heaven.

Budda wound up with 113 yards last night but still doesn’t have a rushing TD this year (he had one in Seattle last year). He leads the NFL with 6.0 yards per carry and is eighth in rushing yards.