Collins got his first TD in the NFL today

…and gave the ball to the O-lineman to spike. You can win championships with a kid like that.

Budda is one of the most charismatic players Arkansas has had. He’s not bad on the field either.

I suspect that he will always be a fan favorite.

Saw Alex on Stadium Drive before the Bama game. He was going down the line of students waiting to get in, shaking hands, taking selfies, etc. Didn’t have to do that. He could big-time it: “I’m in the NFL now, I don’t have to be nice to my former fans.” But that’s not Budda.

He never will be anything but class

CHARISMA! Great smile. Will always be remembered
fondly by Razorbacks everywhere.

Stay healthy and he will be super wealthy.
Then just manage it for family posterity.

Cobi Hamilton also scored his first career touchdown Sunday. He got the start for the Steelers.

thanks for posting!