Collin Clay

Now that it’s out, sources have said he’s looking elsewhere.

I think he played in enough games last year to burn the redshirt, so he is going to be a third year soph if he leaves.

This might be a signal that Caldwell won’t be an on-field coach and/or we are going to a 3-4/3-3-5, and Clay wants to be a DE in a 4-3.

That’s a big loss…he has potential.

Astonishing really. He was looking in the face of a lot of playing time

Well, I really hate the 3-4 defense but I guess it will be what ever it is.

I wouldn’t say it’s a done deal yet. See if Pittman can talk to him.

We need our DC in place so these players understand what to expect before we lose too many more. Concerned losing one or two of our good players could evolve into losing many more.

That’s disappointing. He was maybe the most enthusiastic recruiter we had when he was still a recruit himself. Encouraged lots of other kids to sign. Played a lot.

Nature of the beast - change begets more change

This is the norm whenever you have a coaching change that some players will leave and we will also pick up some players that have ties to the new coach and members of the new staff.
Everyone should expect this to be the case, but let’s see what Players CSP can retain and add to the roster when his staff is fully in place.

Yep. you lose some, you gain some. It isn’t all good, but it’s expected.

On the positive side Dorian Gerald is finally healthy I believe and supposed to play next year and he’s a beast!

Not certain Youda but I believe Clay was a bigger body than Gerald, maybe more of a tackle type? But yes, having Gerald next year should be a help to a young defense

Ugh, hate that. Big body and seemed to be a good kid. Would prolly end up at DT he’s just so big, could really be a monster later in his career.

let’s hope CSP can convince him to stay


Well this stinks! Hope CSP and new DC can convince him otherwise!

Yeah. There’s no way to avoid it. The coaching change was absolutely necessary, but no doubt it has a downside. Hope he changes his mind, but if not…oh well.

Assuming Odom has been hired, what was his reputation as DC & his ability to recruit & develop players.

Hope he has an opportunity to meet with Clay & with other players on defense.

Doesn’t appear to be looking too good right now. Look for him to land at Okla. State.

Richard, any insight into what has happened?

He was such an active recruiter and cheerleader on Twitter. What changed so much?

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I think the year just wore on him.