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I realize I am just an old goat, however, Collegiate Sports as I knew them is gone, long gone and has become a new young business. Goodby, amateur college sports.


Bob, I believe it has been gone for a while. What you are seeing now is what has formerly done in shadows is now out in the open.

I basically agree with that.


This just gives us a chance to compete.

Seems to me an oversimplification. Yes, there have been instances of kids getting paid to play, probably far more than my idealistic and naive mind can imagine, but what we have seen and likely will see, go much farther in changing the landscape of college sport. I suspect what we have seen in the explosion in coaching salaries may pale in comparison to the bidding wars for athletes.

The dirty money in the past had some risks involved that possibly imposed some constraints or limitations. It seems the sky is the limit in this new world, plus most likely generates some ability to take advantage of business expensing, creating some tax advantages not there in the prior system, making it easier to support the home team.

You might as well bemoan the loss of leather helmets, all-white rosters and egg-shaped footballs. They have as much chance of coming back as the amateurism Bob misses.

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And to go along with what Jeff said, we could always go back to the days when “pros” were not allowed in the Olympics. That led to them taking away Jim Thorpe’s gold medals. It took 70 years after he was ruled ineligible for them to be restored.


All of the portal NIL stuff has almost become as interesting as the games. Almost is the key word. As a certified old dude I just roll with whatever happens these days. The world I grew up in is long gone. I’ve quit worrying about things I have no control over.

Note: Exception…I tend to worry about starting pitching for the Hogs this year. :wink: :rofl:


It depends on whether we choose to compete in the new system.

Hey, from my perspective, the sports programs are actually thriving at the University. The facilities are outstanding. We went to the Outback Bowl and from what I saw, I would place Razorback Stadium over the Buc’s stadium.

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Lots of smoke bellowing from College Station that several high profile alums have put together 30 to 40 million for media deals to entice recruits… so far so good.

So, now we have a real three headed monster in the SEC. Unfortunately, we play two of them every year. I look for Florida and LSU to make it a fab five.

I think a major part of the problem is that you have to settle a few questions before you can even get to a conversation about the NILs

  1. Is this a problem with the sources of income? Does ESPN care yet? They might when it comes to the bowl games and opt-outs eventually. Do the big-time boosters care? Right now, I’m sure they’re feeling pretty happy with the simplicity of openly offering a dollar amount to try and get a kid to the program, but what happens when enough of the boosters aren’t seeing enough of a return in their programs for the money? Will they care?
  2. If you’re going to put some additional restrictions in place, who is going to do it and maintain the discipline? We keep hearing that the Power 5 conferences are moving toward separation from the NCAA. Will the SEC have the guts to stick it to Alabama? Will the Big Ten slap the hand of Ohio St.? I don’t know about that.
  3. Will the school administrations eventually get involved because it will start to become too much of a headache?
  4. What is the ultimate vision for the sport? I’m one of those people who believes that the bowls are watered down, but I’m not going to complain. It’s football; if I’m around, I’ll watch it. The money is flowing now, but will ratings start to fall off in 5-10 years because people just don’t like the constantly moving parts (head coaches and players) on their own teams and all of the others?

I’m sure I missed a few, and I’m sure that some people think that these aren’t important questions. Feel free to add your own. The most important one for me is the last one. What is your vision for the sport in 5-10 years when all of this settles in?

Doubtful for much policing of the top programs with large followings. It seems most likely an expansion to a twelve game play-off is in the cards. it would strengthen the Bowl system and hopefully result in more players staying with their teams until the games get played.

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