Collegiate Baseball: Hogs up from 22 to 5

Miami ranked #1 after winning the series at Florida. Teams 2-5 are all SEC, including Vandy which hasn’t played yet.

This just goes to show how polls with a small number of voters can swing a lot from one week to the next.

I’m guessing the CB poll has about 20 voters, who didn’t think too much of us preseason. And they did the poll Monday before we beat the Frogs. Notice Texas dropped out of the ranking entirely, as they should have with that display of no offense.

There are 31 coaches voting in that poll this year. Auburn coach is the SEC rep. Pink Puppies coach is also on the list. As is the Okie Lite coach from the Little 9. I suspect Tadlock, Schlossnagle and Pierce will tell him OM, Moo U and us are all really good.

I’d guess the CBN poll has 2-3 voters.

Well, they put a point value with each team and Miami has almost 500 (two points ahead of Vandy). Unless a first place vote is worth 167. Maybe first place is worth 100 and they have five voters. D1B doesn’t bother with point values.

Baseball America has us 6th this week. NCBWA has us 3rd.

Maybe I’m wrong. I just don’t see CBN having many voters.

Their preseason poll ranked the top 50 but then they drop down to top 30 during the season which is kinda weird. Florida had 498 points as the preseason #1. Miami has 495 now.

I’m gonna take a guess that based on the preseason top 50, they have 10 voters and first place gets 50 points down to 1 for 50th

Vanderbilt had probably not played when the poll was done, but they swept a doubleheader Monday from Wright State (14-1 and 1-0).

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