Collegiate Baseball All America team is out - No Hogs on any of 3 teams

Not a surprise, although I don’t think that there are really 34 pitchers better than Knight and Stephan. But I do get that it’s about the stats you put up this season, not “how good” you are.

Just posted for general information as we enter Regionals, when most of us will be seeing some teams we have not seen this season. … elease.pdf

I don’t argue with the All-America teams too much. I think Arkansas players have been treated fairly in most situations in the past. I was pleased when Andrew Benintendi was everyone’s player of the year two years ago.

I think some people were disappointed that Chad Spanberger wasn’t on some all-SEC teams. But I don’t argue too much with how it broke out. He had a great year. But so did some others, too.

Blaine Knight had a good year. Was it a great year? Probably not. He was really good early, especially the start of SEC play. He hit a lull and now appears to be picking it up at just the right time.

I wish everyone waited until after post-season play to pick All-America teams. The most important games are yet to be played.

Let’s see how the team plays in the next few weeks. This is the time of the year to prove your metal in baseball! On the mound, in the field and at the plate.
It’s just like the all SEC teams and the all SEC Tournament team. Prove it in post season!
The hogs melt down late to LSU at home this year is really the only true game where I was disappointed in our baseball team. Overall the hogs have had a good year.
Look forward to seeing them play their way to Omaha and making some noise! This team has the offense and pitching to do it they just need a few breaks! WPS!