College World Series

I completely understand canceling both the men and women’s NCAA basketball tournaments. I really hate to see the ladies season come to an abrupt halt after such a great season, especially for our 2 seniors Tollfree and Williams, but I get it.
I do not understand canceling the College World Series when that doesn’t even start until second weekend in June. I may be completely wrong but that sounds like a little over reacting to me. What are they going to do cancel Memorial Day?

If the pandemic is still raging on the Fourth of July, I’d say the 2020 college football season is very much in jeopardy.

I think the CWS was zapped because of the uncertainty. If you can resume the season April 1, sure, push the CWS back into July. But are we going to be able to resume April 1? Or May 1? Or at all? We don’t know. MLB is saying two weeks but that seems incredibly optimistic given what has happened in the last two weeks. It may be a lot worse March 26 than it is now.

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