College stadium trivia

Got this question from an excellent documentary ESPN is showing today on the history of college football, plus a little digging. Three-part question:

There is one football stadium in the Power Five named for an African-American. Where is that stadium, who is the black man it’s named for, and why was he honored in that way?

Jack Trice. Iowa State. No idea.

Correct. Jack Trice was a football player at Iowa State. He was also African-American, only the second black player what is now a Power 5 school. in 1923 Iowa State went to Minneapolis to play Minnesota. The Minnesota players beat on Jack Trice all game, including three of them stomping on him after a play in the third quarter. He was knocked out of the game but the team doctors cleared him to ride the train back to Ames that night. Two days later he died of internal bleeding at age 21. It took them 60+ years but eventually ISU named the stadium for him.

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