College sports in general

I have seen a couple editorials saying collegiate sports in general and football especially are becoming totally money matters and not collegiate sports.

Kelley leaving ND when he did and why is a big reason but frankly I agree, collegiate sports is now big business and will only get bigger and no longer even pretend to be a collegiate sport.

I am sure soon, it will be accepted and few of us old guys will be around to complain, but the concept of amateur sports is gone.

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I agree, this has been trending that way the past 7 years. SEC better get that referee and instant replay thing worked out as the $ is too big for what we have endured in football the past three years.

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It’s been this way for quite some time.


Supposedly Kelley wanted upgrades in facilities for the players. ND was not buying and they lost a good coach. I’m not sure if he’s SEC ready but we’ll see.

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Aren’t the facilities at LSU way below standard?

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The only thing that makes me really shake my head is that Notre Dame can still make the playoffs. I want to be clear:Kelly has every right to leave, but I do feel for the players. They worked hard to get that team on the edge of the playoffs and he’s gone before they even know.


Beats me. Maybe Kelley will donate a couple of million to bring them up to SEC standards. :wink:


The landscape of sports using college students is nothing but a business now. Do the rich stay rich? The joke of Switzer having a salary cap for the first time as the Dallas coach has never been more realistic. Can there be a cap, no but it is crazy thinking about how teams will get recruits.Highest bidder or largest NIL contract? Are they the same? Can we compete, long term for the best players without a dollar plan in place? I don’t think so🤷🏼‍♂️

Can we at least create a negotiation period? Kelly just left a team that is still very much in the hunt for a playoff spot. I mean, Oklahoma State is not exactly a powerhouse sure thing, and neither is Cincinnati. If you add an Alabama loss into the mix, which I think many people are expecting, Notre Dame would have likely been the next team up…

and without their coach.

That’s…just insane to me. We should lock out negotiations with head coaches until after the team’s season has ended and enforce a tampering clause.


I parked next to the LSU practice facilities. They looked SEC standard to me.

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I understand LSU and USC wanting to fill their positions ASAP with December signing period looming. Kids want to know who they’re playing for. But now ND and OU recruits don’t know and OU commits are bailing out in bunches. There’s a good reason for the early signing period but it helps create problems like this.


Got ya…I must have been thinking about another school.

Miami maybe?

LSU basketball maybe?

That says a lot about Kelly’s thoughts to move now but am sure LSU did not give him much time to string it out. Will be interesting to see if playoffs give the Irish that chance and how they respond with acting coach at that time.

We hear it all the time it is always about the players—until it is about the $ and opportunity. Portal for coaches may be better term–see who wants them.

College Presidents could end this “Silly Season” by instituting a rule like the pros. You can fire before the season is over but you cannot talk to or make an official hire of an employed coach until after the season is over. Of course agents and “Representatives” would still make contact but you wouldn’t have coaches leaving before the playoffs.

I do not think the presidents care. They get the buyout from the new school. They happy.

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