College pitcher dies after Tommy John surgery

It’s become increasingly routine, but there is no such thing as a risk-free surgery. Sang Ho Baek pitched in seven games for George Mason as a freshman, last appearing on May 1 against Virginia Commonwealth.

I tell my patients all the time:
“Everything I prescribe or recommend to you has the potential to cause you harm”

Everything in medicine is about weighing risk vs reward. Most times the risk of NOT treating far outweighs the risk of treatment. But the risk is hardly ever zero.


no such animal as a "routine traffic stop"either

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How awful.

Heartbreaking. Saddened for his loved ones.

When the anesthesiologist sits down with you and begins to ask you questions about medications and checks your heart (EKG now part of routine) and asks about blood clot history, those are serious questions.

Becca dated an anesthesiologist years ago. He told me some horror stories. Danger lurks everywhere in the phrase “routine surgery.” I believed him.

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