College officiating is such a joke

Call a completely unnecessary foul on us 90 ft away and then call an unnecessary flagrant on MO during it. Makes no sense. But they got some TV time.

How about the non-walk call?

And then the makeup. It’s like they feel they have to inject themselves into every game. I’m not saying the Hogs got a raw deal, necessarily. I just think that almost without fail these days the refs turn entertaining games into foul fests.

If the powers that be are wondering why the game is losing fans they can start with the over-officiating of the game.

More points via FTs do not make for a more exciting game or a better product. They just ugly everything up.

I was actually glad they called the flagrant on Mizzou. Macon barely bumped the Mizzou player and he threw his arms up to make sure the ref called it and ended up hitting Macon in the nose. College refs reward flopping and flailing of players way to often. This time it ended up biting the Mizzou player in the butt.

Watched some of the Kansas/Oklahoma state game and it was just as bad. 2 fouls a minute.

And it took about 10 minutes to resume play. Yes it was pathetic.

Worst officiated game of the day may have been the Florida/Georgia game.

The over and back call on Dusty was grossly incorrect. The ball and player must cross into the front court and then return to the back court before it is an over and back violation. I watched the replay several times. The ball never touched in the front court.

Those were JUCO or NAIA level refs last night.