College of Charleston

I am a Hog fan through and through. I don’t follow CofC nearly as close as I do the Hogs. If the Hogs are on TV at the same time as the Cougs…I stay home.

That said, I shouted myself hoarse last night at the official that missed the foul call on Auburn as they pretty clearly fouled Riller as he took a 3 that could have tied it. And, I thought Auburn got alot more fortunate calls. Then…scumbag Bruce Pearl was anything but gracious in his postgame comments. “If we play like that again…we will lose” he said…before even giving CofC any credit. He may have been literally correct…but give the underdog that almost beat your butt some credit Bruce. You can bet Mike Anderson would have. He has class.

Also not mentioned was that CofC’s best player…the Colonial conference player of the year Joe Chealey…played on a bum ankle and scored only two points. Barely played.

That game coming on the heels of the Hog’s loss didn’t make for a great sports day.

So…here’s a shout out for the institution that has been my employer for 20 years. Great game College of Charleston!!!

Didn’t the refs allow Jared Harper to shoot free throws late instead of an Auburn player with a low FT percentage shooter?