College NCAA eports

Especially football, are just not fun anymore. Nil has ruined the game. Just a disgusting cesspool of big money doners buying players. No loyalty anymore. Ncaa football has deteriorated just like society has. Disgusted and beginning to just not care anymore.

Arkansas will be left behind I feel.


It is all about ME, ME, Me, me, me!

Again… Its my opine the NIL didn’t ruin anything. There was always money being dumped on these kids. Now its just a bit more in the open. I think the real chaos was a direct result of the removal of restrictions for the transfer portal and as Matt mentioned in another thread. The early signing period may be contributing to the opt outs and early transfers trying to land a spot before signing day takes up too many places.

Really what might be classified as a Perfect Storm between NIL, PORTAL and SIGNING DAY have combined to make a chaotic mess. I think it can be fixed with regulations placed again on the portal. But thats a topic for another time.


I don’t see any way to regulate the portal. That toothpaste is out of the tube. I think the easiest thing to do to reduce the chaos is eliminate or reduce the early signing period. Maybe it only applies for kids who are going to enroll in January.

Another possibility would be to open the portal Jan. 2 instead of in early December.

Transfer portal needs tweaking in several areas, not sure what can be done but surely what we’re seeing is not their intended results. At this rate bowl games are soon to be a thing of the past and with the upcoming expansion of the playoffs maybe it will be a good thing. Showing up at a bowl game with a skeleton roster is not a good look for anyone and maybe next season if things stay the same some schools will start declining offers to the non relevant bowls. WPS

At minimum allow a one-time unrestricted transfer. After that, you sit out a year just like everyone had to do before the last few years.

This! Pretty simple.

It’s COLLEGE football. It’s about education. Can you imagine if a non-athlete student transferred to a new college every year?!? How long would it take to get a degree with all the lost hours?!? And exactly what would that education be worth?

I don’t buy all the “yeah buts” it’s really big business, facade, all that. It’s higher education, if people want a semi-pro league, take it somewhere else.

The educators who lead the universities are going to have to step in and LEAD. Put the college back in college football.

Salary caps, limits, etc, that are strictly enforced are the only solution.

And the transfer portal has got to go. Again, this is college not a professional sports league. Maybe a one time transfer for good cause, after that, sit out a year. That will shut all this nonsense down.

I have been one of the lone voices saying this — all this is heading to a 16 team super league and the rest will be left behind to salvage what’s left to make an alternate college football league. Arkansas will be one of the left-behinds. It’s coming if the educational leaders don’t put a stop to it.


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