College jobs opening up left and right!

Now seems Virginia Tech is open too, and our DC (Barry Odom) is being mentioned again. VT is a pretty good job and its not in the brutal SEC.

I hope we can keep this staff intact at least 1 more year while we are trying to rebuild. I always figured Odom would be a short timer as he that tends to be the case with previous P5 coaches. But I was hoping for at least 3 years. Maybe that was too much, but I got my fingers crossed we keep him this year.


Justin Fuente couldn’t get his recruiting act together at VT and ticked off Virginia high school coaches by going back to Texas to get 3-stars. And he couldn’t coach up the 3-stars he did sign. Once he ran out of Frank Beamer recruits things went south for him.

Virginia Tech looks like a good job to me. They seem to have more patience than your average school these days. It might not be a bad fit for Odom. If he decides to take it, I wish him the best. Having coaches leave for their own jobs is actually good for the health of the program–once you start to win, which we are doing now. It will get other coaches to see it as a good job.

Obviously, I would be happier if didn’t leave just yet, but I’m a lot more okay with it now than I was earlier in the year. I think Sam’s got something going here for real.

Barry has been good for Arkansas and Sam Pittman. He understands this area (Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas). VaTech might not want another coach from Oklahoma/Memphis roots. It’s funny how that works.

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I don’t know; going 43-31 in five years and 5-5 this year wouldn’t be firing offenses at a lot of schools. But he was 19-8 after two years and 24-23 after that. IIRC, “mediocrity” was HDN’s firing offense here and that’s why VT launched Fuente, too.

Coach Odom has been great for our program. especially with CSP being a new head coach, and them being such good friends, we all probably have no idea how invaluable he’s been.

He has dramatically improved our defenese’s effort and tackling. And if he leaves, how many ofour D assistants will go with him? I like all of them.

But he seems just too good to stay here with us. I’d love if he became our Venables and stayed for many years, but it’s hard to imagine someone not hiring him soon. A 3rd year would be great, we’d be very fortunate to keep him that long.


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I reckon James Shibest will be looking for another gig.

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I’ve figured that Barry might jump while the getting is good. We got fortunate with the the three defensive linemen. Might not get that lucky again.

If Tulsa opens up look at Odom there. Not sure but assume LB coach goes with him to be defensive coordinator.

If briles leaves I think loggains becomes OC

Current coach at TU is making $1.7 million. Odom is making more than that here, and TU is G5 (and not good G5 either). I don’t see him leaving for Tulsa.


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