College hoops metrics

Remembering that most of the bracketologists (and the Bracket Matrix composite) have us as a 9 or 10 seed.

NET: 19th (which would correspond to a 5 seed)
KPI: 16th (4 seed)
Torvik: 20th (again a 5)
BPI: 14th (4)
SOR: 36th (9 seed)
Kenpom: 16th (4).
Sagarin: 19th
Massey composite: 21st (6 seed)

Suffice it to say the metrics like us a lot more than the bracketologists do (our highest seeding in any of the 92 brackets in today’s Matrix are three 6s, counterbalanced by several 11s).

Also, just for fun, here’s what the Matrix says about SEC teams:

Bama 1 seed. All 92 brackets had them as a 1
Tennessee 3 seed. Still a bunch of 2s, but a lot of those weren’t updated after Squid blew them out.
Auburn and Misery are 8s
We’re the top 9, so ranked 33rd if you want to go by that, but #32 Misery has a pretty good cushion on us (8.27 average to 9.05)
A&M 10 seed
Kentucky and Moo U are 11s
No other SEC teams are listed on any bracket

Interesting. So while we may win out going into SEC tourney, I wonder what things look like worst case scenario end of regular season if we beat Georgia and then lose to Al and TN, and KY gets past us so 1-3 down stretch. I don’t think this happens but wonder with some of the metrics so high and what could be loses to solid teams. If we still get in.

Seth Davis could be right about what he says here

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