College golf--Alotian Club

How are our men’s and women’s teams competing at the Alotian event? Boy, I wish I could play there someday.

Thank you. Cannot think of the name of the Arkansas women’s winner at The Blessings, but how is she doing at Alotian?

The Matthew’s girl is not playing at Alotian, she’s at Q school.

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I drove by Sunday on the way to my parent’s house in HSV. I hadn’t been that direction in a couple of months and wondered about the nice new gravel parking lot on the side of Hwy. 10. Now, it makes sense. I had missed they were having this tournament.

Brooke Matthews may have one more college tournament at Arkansas, next week at Old Waverly. If she makes it through Qualifying – and I expect she will – she will turn pro after that tournament next week. She is making so many birdies right now, she needs to go turn them into cash. It is the correct decision. She shot 25-under for the NCAA record. That 54 holes would have won her a check that most of us would say is our lifetime earnings.

Here are the pairings. Play begins Thursday morning:

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Wondered if something like this was going on with Brooke, her absence will be a blow to the team in the Spring. Noticed that Perico, who was often the bell cow for the Men is not with the guys this week and do not remember his contributions this fall. Obviously the golf game is a difficult balancing act. Remember Mason Overstreet being on fire as a freshman then experiencing less success later in his career.

Perrico has not played well this fall. That’s a fact. It can be as simple a problem as two bad drives a round. Perrico was magical with his driver when he arrived. I watched him play as individual in NCAa at Blessings. He could turn it either direction with his driver. Few can do that

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