College Gameday Watch

Our main competition for Gameday Saturday is the Miami-FSU game at Miami and Tennessee-A&M.

Tennessee is down at the half, and FSU is down in the third quarter.

I’m assuming next week will be a big recruiting weekend, so that would be very helpful for us IMO.

I"m right with you!!

With the FSU loss today, I’d say that game is out.

With the Tennessee win today over Georgia, I’d wager that Gameday will be…
Texas A&M vs Tennessee (both currently top 10 teams).

No Gameday for us. If we had won vs Ta&M and were now 5-0 going into
a 5-0 vs 5-0 Bama, I’d guess it would be a lock. Sadly not even what I’d
think would be a close call now.


Yeah, the TN play was a killer. I just don’t think it’s fair cause it will be their 3rd gameday of the year, in 6 weeks. Don’t know if that plays into who they pick or not but I know it has to bother some people. We will see how the cards fall. Praying they come to the hill. Should make for a great environment for fans and recruits.

I would normally agree, but it would be highly unusual for Gameday to include the same team - Tennessee - three times in one season, let alone 3 times in 6 weeks.

Very valid point I did not consider. I hope it holds up. I do not keep track of where gameday visits, so
was not aware they have had it twice already. Good catch on that one.