College Gameday in Louisville

Louisville #14 vs #4 Clemson. Heisman QB. Don’t know bout y’all but I’d like to have that at AR. IMO, Long needs to go right after CBB. Horrible business decision. If BP’s wife can forgive him why couldn’t we. I think the Bible has something to say about forgiveness. Here we sit on our high holy hill looking at a 4 win season. BP is a Winner who does more with less. Hope I’m wrong but looks like Hogs are back to square 1 after 5 years.

I am a firm believer in second chances. I’m also a firm believer in man should never judge another man, it’s not our place. None of us are perfect, we all have our flaws, some like to act like they don’t, they may just have the worst flaws themselves. We all loved BP when the going was good. As you stated, his wife forgave him, so should everyone else.

Beware, you are about to be thrown to the lions though.

Here we got litigating this dead horse again…

Long gave BP another shot and he turned it down
Don’t blame Long

never again.

like NR was more than the UK presser… BP was more than the motorcycle in the ditch

dont like calling it beating a dead horse…
that is destructive language that rips apart wounds that have torn us a fanbase and a message board apart.

lets say “water under the bridge”

Whatever you want to call it, that’s what it is. Was just borrowing from the ASU thread, which was called a dead horse. But it’s strange to me that people want to go biblical and say, “don’t judge,” but they are judging the current coaching staff without having stepped in their shoes. BTW if we can’t judge (which I never said was the case), then no boss anywhere can “judge” an employee’s performance.

Should have judged Bobby’s job performance and not his personal life. We all agree he screwed up like most if not all of us have. Still don’t see how a mid-life crisis should have derailed Arkansas football. Louisville hired him back and I bet they would love to play us bout now. Mark it down. BP will be coaching in SEC again while we are spending New Years in Memphis or Charlotte(on a good year).

The continuing worship of a coach whose last championship was 2006 in the Big East baffles me. He lost 4 games last year with the heisman trophy winner. They lost to Houston and Kentucky. An offensive mastermind, with the heisman winning qb on his team, put up 10 points against Houston and 9 against LSU.

He is a good coach, but I don’t understand the out and out worship, or why anyone would think he is worth the baggage.

JL did judge his job performance and you know it; you just won’t accept it. But I’m not going to re-litigate it. It’s ancient history at this point, and it’s a moot point.

Surely you’re smart enough to understand the difference of judging a man personally, and then judging him via his job/performance/responsibilities.

Very much so. But you make judgments everyday, concerning people you know, you don’t know and you don’t want to know. It’s natural, but again, why are we even debating this. Get over it. It’s done. It’s in the past. And it’s never happening (CBP, that is) again at Arkansas. So why dredge up something that won’t happen again? Litigate it. From this point on, I’m out of it.

I didn’t bring it up. But I promise if they tried to bring him back I’d certainly not be against it, down the road.

I think a large portion of the fan base are slowly starting to realize CBBs style isn’t panning out here. We saw regression in year 4, and a bad start to year 5. Plenty of time to fix it, but if not, it’s hard to defend him. I personally never thought we’d be able to out Alabama, Alabama. You have to do things unique at Arkansas. CBB seems like a great guy, but I don’t even think he knew exactly what he was getting into when leaving a nice comfortable job at Wisconsin to come to Arkansas.

Therefor many are starting to play with the idea of, who’s next? I personally thought at the end of last year, this season would likely be a farewell tour, I haven’t been proven wrong so far, but I would love to be. I’d love to see CBB succeed, I think he’s had more people pull for him than any coach, because he’s a genuinely likeable guy. But he hasn’t performed like we want, if year 4 and 5 (which may, it’s early) show that upward trend, people wouldn’t be so ancy. But… we haven’t seen the upward trend, and I think you have to be atleast on the upward trend of things in year 5, so show a slight sign of being able to do well in the future. I don’t think we’re getting there. You don’t have to agree, we all have our opinions, and they honestly don’t mean squat.

I don’t know if the Hogs are getting there or not. I just want it to play out before we start trying to name a successor to a job that is not open.

I can agree with that.

But, me personally, I do see that it’s not getting anywhere. I wish I didn’t see this, but I just do. (I may be completely wrong, id love to be, I’m not CBB hater, I just am a hog fan that wants some games worth going to) Therefor it’s a little easier for me to go ahead and crack the curiosity as to who the next man could be. I don’t believe in the whole “he needs more time” BS, 5 years is plenty of time to show progression. That’s all we’ve asked for, is progression, no one was expecting a 10 win season. (In the right mind atleast)

Not sure he can’t get to 8, but I’d be lying if I said I see that happening. I’m hopeful. I can see your curiosity in the “next coach,” but it’s likely not going to be anyone you would expect.

After watching them in LR I quickly went from my 7-5 prediction, to 5-7, and I stand by that.

You’re correct, it’s usually not. I didn’t expect CBB. Not sure who I was thinking at the time, I believe I was hoping for Patterson.

Whole person concept. The job of a coach is much more than a record. The only thing Petrino was good at was shown on the score board! He failed miserable as a leader, mentor and role model for young men to follow. To top it odd he lied to his boss. So basically his overall report card stinks.
I guess what some folks on this board morally believe like Jim Bo Fisher. QB being accused of rape. Plays 4 years and once he leaves for the NFL Florida State pays the victim a couple of million just out of the goodness of their heart.
Sorry I wasn’t brought up that way. Where have moral values in this country gone?
I rather be 0-12 with a clean program than have a 12-0 season under a dirt bag like Petrino. If you like him so much go buys Louisville shirts and hats and tickets. Don’t forget your Pom poms! Enjoy the ride!

On Petrino … NO!!! Firing him was the right call.

Army–with you all the way