College game day guys pick...

our game tonight. Herbstriet, Desmond, Bear all picked TCU. Corso picked us. All who picked TCU said last week was just an anomaly for TCU and there’s “absolutely no way” a Gary Patterson defense gets pushed around 2 weeks in a row. Arkansas’ offense was referred to as “straightforward.” Kenny Hill was referred to as a Heisman candidate and Herbstreit says he has TCU in his Final Four. I hope we shut a lot of people up tonight. Big stage tonight. A great opportunity to make a statement. Go Hogs.

Edit: At the end of the show, Desmond changed his mind, and picked Arkansas over TCU. Go figure.

I said this on another post, but the last time Corso was the only person to pick us we got spanked (I believe it was against LSU the year they played Bama for the NC)

He sure did, shocked me

of course opportunity knocks was chatting with former lineman last night here in DFW and while he was “hopeful” he was not convinced

I pressed on what he’s looking for if we are to win?

Swag & improved tackling

Did the comeback win last week get them some confidence?