College Football’s Top 150 Greatest Photos of All Time

And on an amazing note, Arkansas is the very 1st photo.

Check out the link… its cool.

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Now on an ironic note, we are guilty of 12 men on the field!! That’s just my observation though,
still thought it was funny!!!

Thanks for the link, I enjoyed that.

Enjoyed it but nothing in there about the game of the century shoot out in 1969 with President Nixon on hand. Just as well, it’s still a bad memory.

There is a story about that. It was to be the Cover picture for the Sports Illustrated issue that ended up, instead, featuring the iconic pic of Harry Jones with the line “Arkansas - the New Dynasty” on it. It was taken on the field right before the 1965 Texas game. They had the starting offense, including Jones. Jim Lindsey, the normal starter, had been injured. Right before the photo, Coach Broyles saw what was going on and told Lindsey to go over and get into the picture.

Here’s the story, as Jones recalled a few years ago:

[color=#BF0000]As for that Sports Illustrated cover, Jones explains how it came about: “They wanted to take a photo of the entire offense, and Coach Broyles insisted that Jim Lindsey be in the photo. The story I later heard is that a photo editor in New York said, ‘We can’t use that. There are 12 men in it.’

“So they chose an action photo of me. That was the biggest shock of my life. I loved Sports Illustrated. I had read it since it started. The attention that cover brought was overwhelming. To this day, I have people send me copies of the magazine to be autographed.”[/color]

Great photographs!!

With all the wonderful photography included in the print version of Hawgs Illustrated, I’d love to see a long series of similar photos devoted to the UofA. I know it predates HI, but I’d give good money to have a quality color photo of the Immortal Teddy Barnes’ catch against the Aggies from 1975.

Thanks Wiz for bringing that story to light. That’s so cool.

I think the only thing I’ve ever heard Barnes called since that night is, “The Immortal Teddy Barnes.” He ought to just have his name legally changed. We all (well, we all of a certain age) know immediately the game people are referring to when we hear the words, “the immortal Teddy Barnes.”

Fans today might not realize just how big a game that was. It was the last game of the regular season. TAMU was ranked #2 in the country at the time & were heavily favored to beat us. The Aggies knew they were going to win. The game was tight through most of the first half. Teddy’s catch in the SE corner of the EZ at WMS was very close to the end of the first half. It was a beauty. We went on to dominate them with a bunch of QB draws by Scott Bull. IIRC, the final score was 31-6. We went on to beat UGA in the Cotton Bowl 31-10 to finish the season 10-2 & ranked somewhere near the bottom of the top 10 in the country, although I don’t recall the exact ranking.

On his Sunday TV show the next day, Frank Broyles declared that Teddy would “forever more be known as The Immortal Teddy Barnes.” And it was so.

That season will always be one of my favorites. I was living in Dallas going to school but was able to attend the TAMU game and the Cotton Bowl that year. Good times for sure.

While this story isn’t as bad as the kid who didn’t go see Ted Williams, it shows my worst decision (sports wise) I ever made. As that A&M game approached, my folks had season tickets. Someone in town asked my mom if they could use them. My mom said no, we were going. I said, “it is supposed to be cold, and we are going to lose, lets not go.” My mom asked if I was sure, and I said yes, I didn’t want to freeze and watch us lose. She gave the tickets away and we stayed home.

BAD BAD BAD DECISION on my part. :oops:

I think we’ve all got one or two of those, if we’re being honest.

For me, it was the 2003 Texas game down in Austin. I wasn’t planning on going, but a friend called me a few days before the game - had an extra ticket and wanted to know if I wanted to drive down there (from DFW). Actually, had TWO such offers . . . and - I’m ashamed to say - turned them down.

I thought we’d be a decent team, but Texas (as is often the case, whether they deserve it or not) was ranked in the Top 5, and I wasn’t in the mood to go down there and have their fans pile on us if things went as expected. Of course, it ended up being a stirring victory, and one of the very best games ever for Matt Jones, who is about my favorite offensive Razorback ever. It was a sweet win, but bittersweet for me as I felt guilty for not going down and supporting the team. I paid for that decision.

Best I can do is Black and White . . .

Thanks. That’s the photo I’ve always seen, and probably the best available. I seem to recall that Coach Broyles was going to commission a painting of the catch, but I don’t know that I ever saw it.