College football recruiting

Incredible. It’s hard to fathom. I can’t even imagine the stress and strain of trying to work all of this as a head coach. Sure, it could rapidly transform a team, but while a coach is trying to add, his current team transfers away to the highest bidder. Wow, just total chaos.

Coaches won’t publicly say it as much but this has the potential to drive older coaches out sooner than they wanted. Younger coaches could get burned out quicker. Also makes the NFL that much more attractive.

Certainly not disputing numbers, but how is this sustainable? Fielding a team of 85 players seems to be cost prohibitive. I understand that all the players won’t get seven figures, but seemingly with even reduced amounts the tally could go pretty high. Say you have 1 superstar at 5M. it would not be out of the question to have three studs at 1M each, then six at .5M each, nine at 100,000 each and a dozen at 50,000. For this 31 player roster the amount is 12.5 M. If the recruiting cycle is the beginning of the pay period, then it is highly likely that there are more than 31 players being supported by NIL, so I understand my numbers are purely hypothetical, but if the top dog gets something like $5M, then one would think the payment schedule at those institutions is not likely going to be able to be bargain basement prices.

I can see your numbers being very much in line. For schools with less resources than others, it makes you wonder if you see schools cherry pick the year to make a run. Say, they have a good core of players but only have 5-7mil a year for NIL. They wait 3 years, then in year 4, they have the resources to buy the best with one shot at a title. Call me crazy, but I bet we see this model real soon. The real negative is that this model will drive the cost of great players even higher.

Locker room issues over NIL money could/is happening. Just before TN lost to Carolina it appears a fight between their QB and a LB was over NIL differences. The LB didn’t make the trip to Carolina. That’s what my TN friends say. It’s inevitable.

Been hearing some stories. The changes can have a negative impact on team chemistry.

Ticket buyers and supporters of the programs will get tired of that kind of talk very quickly.

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