College Football News bowl projections

CFN’s updated bowl projections have 11 SEC teams in a bowl. Everyone except Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Arkansas.

Interesting, since they projected us to a bowl after week 2.

At this point, I feel confident we will be selected for a bowl before MSU, Tennessee, and Missouri. Perhaps several of our SEC West foes will join that list too. We shall see.

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I think the Hogs will make it to a bowl game!

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They must have looked at our schedule.


Amazing how the SEC screwed us once again with the schedule. Check TN schedule……sigh. They get all the easy pickings.


Hard to figure why they would project us in a bowl and then remove us after we start 3-0

Hard to put much faith in that thinking


Those guys have never impressed me. College Football News slipped a few years back.

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Yet…they have ranked us #17 in the country…ahead of Mizzou, Kentucky and LSU, and only one spot behind Auburn.

That just make no sense at all with us sitting at 3-0 and winning all by at least 19 points (against a still-ranked Texas.)

We certainly beat UAPB. That means we only have to win 2 SEC games. We will do that.

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