College Football loudest stadiums

According to this we are 9th in the SEC .

I don’t know about that but I know Greg McElroy said we were the loudest stadium he ever played in when they played us in 2009 I believe.

That was 2010 and stadium was full. We haven’t been full in a while.

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Have not been much to get loud about recently. Hopefully, that will change. Get after texass pretty good and see how loud it gets.


I’ve been to LSU twice and the Swamp thrice. Maybe it was due to where I sat in both venues but I’ve always found the swamp louder. Deafening.

That 2010 pass to Wingo early on in that Bama game, I’ll never forget it.

Last time RRS was really rocking was at the end of the 2016 Ole Miss game when Santos Ramirez knocked the ball out of Mutant Chad Kelly’s arms on fourth down at the end of the game. ESPN guys said the whole stadium was shaking. I was there in the east club area and I agree. But I still think 2010 Bama was louder.

It was definitely full, he said he couldn’t hear himself think, I would love for those times to come again but doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon.I do think we sellout Texas though.

In my opinion, LSU has the loudest fans, but Mississippi State is the loudest stadium because of the cowbells and the piped-in music. I bring ear plugs to Starkville.

Fixed it for you. :wink:

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You underestimate the scene in Oxford.


Been there, seen that. Hard to beat the coed that likes her “vodka water”. :grin:

I sat behind the glass in RRS for a Georgia game some years back. It sucked. What’s the use of yelling when the sound is trapped? And why inhibit so many of your fans? If you don’t want to sit outside, buy a room at the stadium or stay home and watch it on an 80" with 20 close friends. :wink:

Loudest football game I attended was the UA’s 45-39 victory vs Houston (led by Heisman winner Andre Ware) in 1989 (at LR/War Memorial). Arkansas was led by Quinn Grovey, Barry Foster (future NFL star for the Steelers), James Rouse (future chicago bear) and speedster/high hurdler WR Derek Russell (future Bronco and Oiler). Arkansas had 647 yards of offense. Two hundred yard rushers (Foster and Rouse). We yelled so loud when they were on offense - especially when they came to the line to call their plays, Believe there were 6 or 7 delay of game penalties on Houston (and/or time outs they had to call) because the noise was deafening. Ware was sacked 6 times and had 3 interceptions. most fans stood up and yelled /screamed the whole game. Footnotes on Barry Foster’s best year in the NFL: “ In 1992, Barry Foster got the Bill Cowher era going in Pittsburgh -rushing for a Steelers record 1,690 yards -breaking Franco Harris’s team record for 100-yard games in a season with 12, and tying Eric Dickerson’s NFL record for 100-yard games. He was voted AFC offensive player of the year and to the Pro Bowl. Foster finished 1992 as the AFC top rusher and second to Emmitt Smith by 23 yards for the rushing title.”.)

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That was a great, fun game. They had been beating everybody so badly that they had not had to play much over a half. We finally wore them down. Pretty much like a basketball game. Once they made 1 first down, watch out.

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I was at that Houston game at WMS. It was loud. And so much fun.

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Q: Has any Razorback football player ever had a better NFL season than Barry Foster in 1992? (AFC offensive player of the year, leading AFC in rushing).

Well, it was technically AFL. But in 1965 Lance Alworth led the AFL in a 14 game season with 1602 receiving yards and 14 TDs. That’s pretty darn good. And Lance is in the HOF. Barry isn’t.

Then on the other side of the ball, Dan Hampton was NFC defensive lineman of the year in 1984 with 11.5 sacks as a defensive tackle; DTs don’t usually get a lot of sacks.

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Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium in its heyday was louder than Razorback Stadium. The bowl kept all the noise in. You could feel the stadium shake.


That was true in the old days but the steepness of RRS now keeps the sound in better. WMS’ bowl is actually quite shallow. The famed atmosphere at LSU is as much due to steepness as to drunk Cajuns.

i have a feeling that our rank will rise back to a more deserved place this fall. for instance, the texas game, I expect some serious noise. The 5 of us will represent, Madre’s box is behind me and I promise you he’ll make some NOISE!

I really, really can’t wait for that day. the tailgate, seeing my old longhorn friends, the game, the victory celebration after the game…that’s basically my christmas for this year lol. counting the days!


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Haven’t been up for a game in 6 years I think (live in S. FL). The Texas game is the one. Cannot wait. Just hoping there will be some decent single game tickets available.