College Football in 1918

During that pandemic.

That’s fascinating. They sat reasonably close to each other, but all of them wore masks. It’d be interesting to know how many of those people got the disease following that game. Unfortunately, i’m sure that’s completely unknowable.

And there was a fall surge of the pandemic in 1918; I’m sure that was seasonal but returning to school and playing football undoubtedly didn’t help. Most of the deaths in 1918 were from the fall surge, according to the CDC.

The Missouri Valley Conference didn’t play at all in 1918; member schools at the time included Misery, KU, Nebraska, K-State and Iowa State. The Hogs only played a five-game schedule. Our only SWC game was a 103-0 loss to Mobilehoma. We had a new coach the next year too…

That 1918 Ga Tech game photo rocks!

Notice the big outbreak did not occur in the hot summer months. I don’t know what this virus will do that will be very shocked if it doesnt slow down quite a bit. in fact I heard this morning the main guy who does all these dang proposed death models said the temperature going up decreases the transmission of the virus.Strange that they said that virus picked back up at the end of September though… the virus really didn’t start here until late January.I think our first case was January 25th or somewhere around there. Will be very interesting to see if this virus is similar to that.

If this is a typical respiratory virus, yes it should ease off during the summer. It may be. It may not be. The gradual end of social distancing this summer also may counteract the seasonal effects; more exposure to a weaker virus results in more cases.

We’re finding out new info all the time. A hospital in Paris retested samples from a guy who died there in December. Samples were positive for the coronavirus. He’d never been to China. Does that mean the virus was in Europe before the Chinese even found it? That seems to be the case. Does that mean the virus started somewhere else and came to China? At least a possibility.

One thing that concerns me especially with no vaccine and you really hard to hear anybody talk about this, but I’ve heard two or three mention that with a lockdown being this prolonged we have weakened our immunity, and they say that once we do start getting out there’s really no way to avoid a peak because our bodies are not used to fighting off infection… made a lot of sense to me. What’s really interesting is that Sweden did nothing and took a lot of abuse for it, but their deaths per million is not far behind us. They average 224 deaths per million and with all our lockdown efforts we are at 179 per million… so even with the heat of the summer we may not be able to control the virus from peaking uoward because iof our immunity being compromisedif they are right in what they’re saying… It will be very interesting to see how this unfolds the next few months

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