College Football Final

Just watched it. They had Bill Lemonner (whom they give the title “ESPN College Football Rules Expert”), and he said, verbatum:

“You are allowed to spike the ball, if you take and get the snap cleanly. But if you muff the snap, it hits the ground, then you pick it up, and now you spike the ball? That’s a foul. Now the question here though is, is this a forward pass or a backward pass? We always try to go with philosophy and give the quarterback the benefit of the doubt for the forward pass…(but) this one here, looking at it…THIS IS A BACKWARD PASS.”

So, there it is. That, coupled with all the media comments posted on another site really cements it for me. WE GOT SCREWED. We are 2-1 as far as I am concerned. To me, this is no different than some of the contests in days gone by when the outcome of a game was contested, and both sides claimed victory.

We all know we aren’t gonna win the division or the league this year. But this win could be the difference between a winning season. And if it is, I consider this a win. Period. I know the rest of the league and nation won’t…but internally I certainly would.

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Exactly, the whole country got to witness the SEC bias BS on full display!
However, everyone that works for the SEC network will be made to toe the company line and not call it what it was or they will be shown the door.

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You could see that last night on their coverage… tended to gloss over it and not question the official statement.

It sux. It was a horrid call. Everyone knows it was wrong. EVERYONE, SEC INCLUDED. I just wish for once they’d show a pair of stones tween the legs and stand there and say they screwed up and it effected the outcome of the game and will try to do better next time. Admit the mistake. Instead, they tried to spin a way to make it look like they did no wrong.

Just admit it. But like a pack of cowards, they spin instead.

A lot of Auburn fans are upset about the call because a loss would given them another reason to run off Gus.

Folks, the Alabama media don’t bow down to Gus like ours do.

The only media in Arkansas that I know of that bows down to Gus is _ally _all.

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Good points. I will always consider the Arkansas Razorbacks to be the 1971 Liberty Bowl champs. And yes, we are now 2-1 on the season!

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