College football coaches

must be working double triple time this time of year now. Keeping up with recruiting and the transfer portal ins and outs. NIL deals.
Ever evolving changes in the landscape of college football.
Could cause burn out or stress related health issues.


Your correct. Not sure this has been covered here but we’ve on talked about how much the cats (coaches) make and not much said about stress.

Now when I had my first knee replaced and the wrong size put in that doctor said I had worked to hard in my life. He knew who I was and about the baseball complex and building houses while working a full time job at Whirlpool. 16 hours a day, living on 4 hours sleep for 20+ years will wear you out.

Maybe UM did have a point.

While I would love to make the kind of money these guy make, no way I want to put up with the stress and the hours. Not worth it.

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