College FB Playoffs

Well, at least The tattoO State U didn’t get in.

  • Bama
  • Clemson
  • Notre Dame
  • Oklahoma

Let me go out on a Limb and say we’ll be watching the Tide and Clemson in the Final. Short low Limb :sunglasses:

Oklahoma will give Alabama a good game, I think. They have such a potent offense and such a mobile qb in Tyler Murray that they should score 30 or so on the Tide, but Alabama will score more than that on the Sooners, I believe.

I hope Alabama does not meet Clemson in the final. That would be the 3rd time those two have met. Enough of that.

It’s time for 8 teams. We can back off a week to have the playoffs.

Does anybody object to us not playing Portland State? These 12 game college schedules with the 3-4 cream puffs for each team need to go.

I hate the idea of an 8 team playoff, but if we’re going to do it—and we probably will—we need to either eliminate conference championship games or return to an 11 game regular season. People forget these are still college students & the vast majority of them won’t enter the NFL. College football is great, but it’s not the NFL & players shouldn’t have to play 15 games per year. 14 is too many in my opinion.

I just hate that college football is becoming NFL-lite. Personally, I’d prefer a return to an 11 game schedule & about 20 bowl games. Would that mean a return to a controversy on “who is number 1”? Yeah, but I don’t think that’s an awful thing. We already have a controversy on who should be #4. Go to 8 teams & we’ll have a controversy on who should be #8.

One more game isn’t that big of a deal; FCS teams can play as many as 16 games as part of a five-round playoff. FBS can have a playoff game mid-December, semifinals coincide with the bowls and a national championship in early January.

The # 9 team most likely wouldn’t be undefeated, or an 11-1 Conference Champion, or a team like Georgia that could win the tourney. Much smaller controversy. I would agree there is no perfect system.

Basketball teams can play 40 games. Baseball teams can play 70. And both of those sports play midweek games all over the place. Football is a weekend sport for the most part.

I get that football is more physical, but if we’re talking about it from a time perspective, then football is the most unimpeded of all. It’s four months from the first game to the end of the bowls. Basketball is five months long and practices for six weeks before the season begins.

Bama-OU will be in Miami, since playing the Sooners in Arlington would be too much of an advantage for the Clips. And thus Clemson-ND in Jerry World.

Clemson will run all over Notre Dame who barely beat Vanderbilt and Pitt they haven’t seen the athletes Clemson has it will be much like Ohio State and Michigan and Bama will be Oklahoma by 10 I think

I was fixing to say the same thing

Not part of the playoff, but who does UCF play? Would like to see them play Ga

Choaklahoma will prove again that they are not deserving. If they played in a real conference they would lose 3 or 4 games. They will score some points but their defense will get humiliated. In case you forgot they gave up 40 points to kansas. RTR

I get why OU is in, but there is no way that they are a better team than Georgia. The Dawgs would beat them down badly. I give OU and ND about a 1% chance each of winning it all. I am 98% certain that the Clemson Tide will be this year’s national champions.

They get an SEC team but not Georgia. Fiesta vs. LSU. Dawgs get the Fallopians in New Orleans. Given the Sugar Bowl’s contract with both the SEC and the Big 12, there was no way UCF could play Georgia.

Peach Bowl is Florida vs. Michigan, and Rose is UDub vs Tattoo U.


Anyone think it’s a coincidence that they are playing LSU? Someone wants to keep the UCF myth alive by playing LSU.

Well, that’s the real problem from the players’ wellfare standpoint. It’s not so much the time issue. The more games, the more collisions, the more head trauma. Not worth it in my opinion. At least not when the only real benefit is that fans get to have slightly less controversy over who is #1.

They had to match them with either LSU or Florida in either the Peach or Fiesta. UCF vs Florida would have made for an interesting Peach Bowl in ATL and then you would have had LSU/Michigan in the Fiesta. Once the committee decided to send Michigan to Atlanta because of it being their closest option and since they were the highest rated remaining team left after the playoff bowls and the two with conference affiliations were set, then there was no way around sending UCF to Arizona. And I’m sure LSU is probably glad to get a different bowl for a change since they have done the Peach a lot lately it seems. Plus UCF was in the Peach last year so it gives them a different bowl experience too

At the FCS level, there are 24 teams in the playoffs. That means that there are 5 rounds in the playoffs. Looking at one of the FCS team schedules, they played 11 games this year, so that is a potential 16 games.

Fiesta seems to get stuck with the Group of 5 team most frequently, possibly because they don’t have a conference tie-in any more (remember that famous Boise State win over the Clips was in the Fiesta too).