College Bball corruption scheme (Auburn, Ok St) … sts-2017-9

Bruce Pearl in the middle of shady business again, color me shocked.

Interesting… Miss St is not mentioned in this story but when Perry decommitted and then committed to Miss St there was some talk that it might be related to Adidas. Miss St is an Adidas school.

Wow this a huge story. The people who got arrested are the ones who were caught red-handed funneling money to players or taking bribes from agents. But there are more people involved here whose names were redacted. You will see sports media around the country investigating this and figuring out who else was involved. This looks to have very far reaching ramifications and I have to say that I am incredibly thankful that Coach Anderson runs a clean program here even though it has cost us some recruits.

Looks like UCLA was an Adidas school when Howland was there.

And Louisville’s in it too. At some point Rick Pitino’s house of Cards (pun intended) has to come crashing down and probably Tom Jurich’s with him.

Of course, I’m sure he knew nothing about it. :!: :roll:

Yeah I’d be shocked if Miss Steak comes out of this with clean hands. That RP deal is looking shadier by the minute. I am so thankful that we have the coach that we have. Coach Mike Anderson doesn’t just know how to spell integrity, he exudes it.

Yep just like those hookers in the dorm.

Wonder if some of the redacted names have WWW initials, or maybe have ties to a certain SEC school back in July?

I’ve learned to temper my emotions with these kinds of stories because of my lack of faith in the NCAA…

… but the FBI is a whole other entity. I’m guessing it will be bloody.

Very little doubt, if any existed, about the Reggie Perry recruitment should remain.

I’m sure Dudley could write a heckuva book

Doubtful. This appears to be all Adidas and the SEC school associated with WWW is as Nike as it gets.

Yeah, was hoping they just released the Adidas info and the Nike sting is still ongoing

Nabbing Allbarn and Moo U wouldn’t hurt though.

I’m sure UK has no relationships with agents. :roll:

Elite Recruiters.

Benjamin Franklin is the most elite recruiter of all time.

Yes, I could. I’ve written two and It may be my third book down the line.

Oh, don’t tease us like that. :smiley:

I sure hope so. And I don’t see any good reason not to. Let’s not overlook that the public fanbase like you and me have spent thousands of dollars over the years to follow our team in ncaa competition under the assumptions that there is at least some modicum of fairness in the competition since public institutions of higher education are the sponsoring organization with yes indeed some tax payer backing. The public is due a clear and uncensored accounting of the corruption behind college sports, which we have all long expected but woefully underestimated. I can’t recall the last real tough investigative report on this complex issue that we all know occurs. We deserve the truth rather than message board rumors. That is real journalism. It’s not all box scores and coaching carousel gossip. I hope we get some good information from our dedicated local reporting corps. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

So, hasn’t it been explained on this board that once the FBI investigates, the information collected can then be used by the NCAA as appropriate? If so, schools involved have double jeopardy here.