College Basketball’s 2020-21 Transfer List - Stadium

Love transfer portal SZN dad!

Not sure if its a good thing or not for college basketball but it’s not going anywhere son.

We’ve got the right coach for the new reality.

That is the truth. I don’t like the new reality, but if you have to have it, we have the right coach.

If I counted correctly, eleven players from UT-Martin are in the portal. Wow! I know we were interested in one. Am I remembering it right, the Coach died suddenly? Wasn’t it the late Coach’s son we were following?

Keith, I was about to type the same thing. I looked to see if I could find the cause … like the program was ending … but couldn’t find anything.

Every time I see “UT-Martin” it reminds me of the high school basketball coach at my high school. He had been the head coach at UT-Martin. Resigned to come coach at Paragould. Paragould was his hometown. He was the best basketball coach Paragould ever had. They were making runs in the playoffs every year while he was the coach. Can’t remember if they ever won it all, but did very well.

Sorry for the off topic response!

Yes… The coach, Anthony Stewart, died back in November.

His son, Parker Stewart, went to Indiana instead of us. (Bad choice on his part, Archie Miller is looking to be fired soon.)

It would be difficult to imagine Indiana putting up with another year of mediocrity. I think Pitino the younger will finally get booted at Minnesota, too. I wonder if either would try to hire Porter Moser, who just got back in the Dance.

There could be some openings in the SEC too, depending on how things go with the NCAA investigations impacting Auburn and LSU. I guess Howland will get another year at Miss State, and I doubt Frank Martin will be let go at South Carolina(or retire) but you never know. If Auburn or LSU comes open, I think there will be a big exodus from both programs.

Shall we give it another shot?

Moser’s name is on just about every list, but he turned down the St. John’s job (and a big raise) before Mike got it. So it would have to be the right situation. Indiana? Marquette? Somebody else that opens up in the carousel?

Might as well. But I don’t think Arkansas has much of a shot here with Parker.

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