College basketball headed to 4 (10 minute) halves

With the experiment in the NIT done I believe this is going to happen the season following this one. (2018-19)

Along with it a resetting of team fouls after each quarter of play to cut down on Free-Throws +

• A personal foul by the defense, which results in no free throws, and the ball is inbounded in the front court.
• Any technical foul assessed against the defense, and the ball is inbounded in the front court.
• The game is stopped for a bleeding player or blood on a uniform and the ball is inbounded in the front court.

Finally the clock no longer automatically resets to 30 after each personal foul.

Four halves would be two games. Just sayin’…

If they reset fouls after the 10-minute mark there would be no need for quarters IMO. That alone would cut down on free throws.

The proposal was to reset the clock to 20 seconds after a common foul by the defense. I think it will be considered for formal adoption this month some time. Other proposals would expand the use of replay in the last two minutes, make inbound spots in the front court more consistent, take at least 0.3 seconds off the clock if the ball is legally touched in bounds, and make the coach’s box bigger (which is never enforced anyway).

Not sure about any of the other possiblities you mention. Are these active proposals somewhere or just what you would like to see?

I have been pleased with the four quarters in the women’s game. It has sped the game up by eliminating one media timeout each half.

That’s just conjecture/opinion regarding rule makeup. By the way good eye (mixed up halves/qtrs)

A rule that I would like to see is aginst poor officiating. The officiating is killing the integrity of the game!
Freedom of movement has become a rushing football offense if your a blue blood and a charge for everyone else.