College baseball vs minor leagues

with the quality of players that Coach VanHorn and staff are signing…wish there was a way that we could get them all to campus.still think that 2-3 years at the college level better prepares the player better for the pros than signing and going straight to the minor leagues…hopefully with NIL there will be more opting to go to college;make some money;and not be wowed bysigning bonuses of $25-50,000 dollars hoping to make it to the bigs and a major contract…believe that the facilities and support staff are more developmental than the minors…just my 2 cents opinion

The thing about it, tough to get them all to campus with only 11.7 scholarships. NIL could help. But it’s still expensive to be a college baseball player. Rent In Fayetteville is expensive.

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it was in the 1970s too

It’s expensive to be a minor leaguer making sub-minimum wage too

A few days ago, Phil Elson retweeted something from one of the national writers indicating that Mississippi State would soon be announcing something big NIL-related for their baseball program. There were no specifics, but the writer indicated it would be big and suggested it would likely spread to some other big baseball programs as well.

The wording was rather vague. Wish there were more specifics.

Yeah I saw the same tweet (retweet from Gene Swindoll, who at one time ran the main Moo U fan site; he’s not a national guy, but he has all the scoop in Stankvomit). Skimpy on details.

46% of MLB players now come from College almost = to HS and International combined.I think they are much better off unless your Acuna or Tattis Type talent which very very few will face tremendous competition in this league and will be better prepared IMO.

The main thing keeping 18-22-year-olds off college rosters is cost. College baseball remains a game for kids with resources or kids with enough brains to collect lots of academic scholarship money. A kid from a moderate-to-low income family can’t afford college, even with a little scholarship money from baseball. It’ll be that way until they adjust the 11.7 scholly rule.

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