College athletes related Covid 19 question

Please do not turn this into a political discussion. It is just a question(s) that I can’t find an answer to on the internet.

Is there a consensus yet on whether or not a healthy (football, BB, etc) athlete who has tested positive, and recovered, will be immune from Covid and, if so, for how long? Just thinking about all the positive tests from college football players.

Are we certain they will be immune for the duration of the season? Can they catch the virus again a month later? Are we certain that, after recovery, they will not still have traces of the virus that could be transmitted to others?

No political replies, please. If there is no consensus, and we just don’t know yet, please just state that.

I’ve heard both things at this point. Heard if you’ve been infected and recovered your good to go can’t get it again. I’ve also heard that you can get it a second time. At this point I got no real idea what information is true or not true in the current climate. I’ve not heard the thought before that the recovered might pose a risk of being a recovered carrier - a typhoid mary type. That is darn scary and really hope that holds no water.

Verdict still out on that as far as a one and deal.

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I don’t think anyone knows if there’s any immunity at all from catching it. I think the best guesses are that there’s at least some short-term immunity. Or at least some short-term resistance to it. I read that a least one person is believed to have recovered then become reinfected. On the other hand, we’re not hearing about that happening very much. Speaking as a laymen who’d defer to any doctor, I’d think if the risk of reinfection is the same as getting it the first time, we’d have heard about more reinfections happening. That suggests to me there must be some sort of short term resistance at least.

There hasn’t been enough time to do studies to determine that definitely. There is evidence that immunity in the form of antibodies lasts at least three months but may start to wear off after that. However there may be so-called memory cells created that allow the body to respond more quickly if you’re exposed to the virus again. Memory cells from other types of infections, such as the measles, are known to last for many years, So they could hang around for a long time, or not. As with many things about this virus, we don’t know yet.

I’m told some people have had it twice already. Early on and again just recently. We are 6-8 months into the pandemic depend on who you believe.

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