College athletes now on Cameo

With the NIL changes, college athletes are now on Cameo. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a website where you can “hire” celebrities of all kinds to record a message or interact via live stream for a fee. I used it once to have Arnel the current lead singer of Journey send my wife a personalized happy birthday.

The celebrities can charge whatever fee they would like. This is definitely a way for fans to get closer to the athletes while enriching the athlete. I imagine there will soon be thousands of college athletes listed.

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Jaylin Williams and Chris Lykes are also available on Cameo for $25 and $30, respectively. You can request a video from Devo for $40.

Devo’s family is not well off financially. His mom works at a Wendy’s in central Arkansas - or at least she did as if a few months ago. Very nice lady. I’m sure a few extra bucks will come in handy for Devo.

My thoughts …… get paid young man! Monetize your fame and notoriety. The University of Arkansas does not have a problem with selling jerseys with your number on them and I suspect your face will be on season ticket renewal letters and emails. They have no problem with monetizing your NIL! Neither should you !


Even our head coach is on Cameo…for $100! Easy money for everyone. I think the concept is pretty cool. You can hire DMAC to tell your best friend to “bring the wood”! How cool is that??

However, how easy are payments to a player now? They don’t even need an endorsement deal from a business to rake in money. The every day fan can send a little money their way and get something out of the deal, too.

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