Coley is now in the portal

It is looking like we should have signed a QB in the last class.

Yep. Only 3 left?

From all accounts Cade Fortin is looking very good this spring (and may have been what pushed Coley out the door).


I think that’s exactly what has happened Sam is mentioned Fortin two or three times as looking really good…

Hopefully we can get a big, ultra-fast DL to take his roster spot

Wow, I missed the Fortin transfer. It’s hard to keep up now days. After researching and reading Scotty’s reports, it all makes sense.

What is Renfro’s status?

Renfro tore up his knee in pre-bowl practices in December. I don’t think he’s doing anything this spring but rehabbing and attending meetings.

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I think this will be a huge loss. We bow too much for the potential of Malik Hornby. I felt when he was listed 3rd string yesterday that would put the writing on the wall. Wish him the best and hope I’m wrong about how big of a kick in the pants this could turn out to be (his college career vs Malik).

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Is this because Cade Fortin is playing well and Sam praises him? or did he think he was going to pass KJ this season? seems an odd move, especially for a guy who was such an active recruiter for us at one point. I really thought he might be our starter next season, this sux. the portal giveth, and the portal taketh away.


Told Coley’s phone has been blowing up.

Coley did not impress me Tuesday. Neither did Fortin, but I was told it was Fortin’s first unimpressive day.

Good luck to him and his phone RD - he was not good enough to displace any of the QB’s and evidently, he thought he was

Screw the kid right?


No, absolutely not - I sincerely wished him good luck and the phone part was a smart-a$$ response
to it ‘blowing up’

Good luck to the kid… he was in a tough situation, KJ obviously is a great quarterback and Malik’s potential is off the charts. Fortin has been a starter at the D1 level. I can see where he didn’t see any potential chance to get any playing time,in fact I can see a lot of young quarterbacks not seeing a chance to break into that trio.

I’ll have to admit I didn’t understand what you meant when you said his phone was blowing up. I initially thought you meant people were calling because they were upset he was leaving. Now I realize, you mean that lots of other schools/coaches are calling him. I’m sure he’ll have some good opportunities.

I think I will trust the coaches to evaluate QB talent and potential.

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I’m surprised at the timing. Why not finish the Spring and see where he stands?

If he’s made up his mind, you want to give him reps? Again, we trashed Mike Woods for doing that. I don’t see Coley getting many reps when I’ve been there. That’s why he’s leaving. And there will be less spots open in a month.

I guess you’re right Clay. I didn’t realize the gap between Coley and the others behind KJ, was that big. We could be in some trouble, if one or more of these guys go down. I guess Landon Rogers could be an emergency QB.