Cole Turney

Dave Van Horn did not outright say Cole Turney is transferring, but strongly hinted at it last night in Harrison.

“Cole Turney is probably going to go to a junior college. That’s what he needs to do. Just pull up his stats from summer ball. And that was our discussion when I met with him at the end of the semester, when the guys that weren’t on the 27-man travel roster, I met with them. There’ll be four or five other guys that’ll go to junior college.”

Turney, who had shoulder surgery last summer, was hitless in seven at-bats for Arkansas this year. He has really struggled in the Northwoods League, where he is batting .143 with 53 strikeouts in 91 at-bats. He was rated one of the top hitters out of high school last year and projected to be drafted anywhere from the second to fourth round, but fell in the draft because of a high asking price for a signing bonus.

Others who will go to junior college include outfielder Ben McClain and infielder Easton Murrell. McClain has already committed to play for Howard Junior College in Texas.

I had read that Turney wanted to come back, and DVH wanted him to, but he wouldn’t be. That usually leads to one problem.

Say what??? Can you rephrase that?

What, that there is one reason he won’t be here next year? I think that is easily figured out, and it has nothing to do with behavior or being in the dog house.

From what I’m told, the decision is up to Turney whether or not he wants to return. As Van Horn said last night, his advice was that going to JUCO might help him more than returning. This is nothing more than a matter of what is best for the player.

Something to remember is that a player like Turney has his pro stock to look out for. He was considered a million dollar hitter coming out of high school.

He might be able to tear it up at a junior college next season and take a big payday next summer, whereas if his bat was not as good as advertised, he could potentially hurt his draft stock by playing major college baseball for two more years.

Look at what happened to Luke Bonfield. He was a can’t miss prospect in high school, then was never drafted again.

The issue with returning is that he might not get the number of at bats at Arkansas next year that he’ll get in junior college.