Cole Turney?

Is he close to being ready, have seen his name more recently?

Can Evan Lee play OF, seems like he is way more productive in his limited playing time than Fletcher or Bonfield. I remembered him playing RF last year, love to see him in there more and the other 2 less.

He made the trip to Ole Miss last week and could have played. I assume he was OK to play last night, too.

That said, he has not looked comfortable in his at-bats so far this season. In addition to the shoulder surgery, he has also had an ankle injury since the team came back from Christmas break.

Well you really wouldn’t play Lee in the outfield for Bonfield since Luke is DH more than 90% of the time

And no way he is anywhere near the caliber of outfielder as Fletcher

I think a definite case could be made for him DH more, maybe platooning with Bonfield

They tried to get him on the field at 1B, but he wasn’t all that great there

he really hasn’t been given much achance to be honest.he’s been hurt and only got a few AB’s remember how bad Spanbereger looked initially? this guy has unreal power by all accounts just needs time to get used to hitting this caliber pitching

Turney is still not 100 percent. If he doesn’t play next week against Grambling, he might just sit out and get a medical redshirt.