Cole Kelly

This is what I have seen from him. He has a big arm, but often not very accurate (at least today). He is not fast at all, yet is is a good runner.

Here is the thing. This big guy is a leader and a winner. He is extremely confident. I can see why the guys like to play with him. He expects to win and thinks he will on every play. That sort of stuff is important and will carry a team. Of course, he has to become a better decison make and passer, but I like him and feel good when he is in there. This was only his third game. He will improve.

He is Scott Bull on steroids. Except that he is not really on steroids.(I hope). Bull was one of those guys who was not super talented in any area of the game but was a great leader and a winner. Had all the intangibles. We thought he was a big QB back then. We really had no idea what a big QB was.

He is a change of attitude and skill that is good for a team to experience at times. It is also good for the Oline and another QB to have trouble with the OL protection, so that the focus should be mostly on Oline issues and slow developing pass plays…and less about the QB holding the ball too long. I hope the OL pride made them flare up to improve after Cole got beat up so much.

I agree. He’s got lots of upside. His fumble that eventually ended up with Ole Miss was on him. (I still don’t think OM ever possessed the ball. It only looked like it in slow motion. It came out almost immediately).

I heard him interviewed for the first time today. With a name like Kelley, I didn’t expect him to sound like a Cajun, but I guess when you’re from Lafayette, LA you’re gonna sound that way no matter your name. :smiley:

It looked to me like he was trying to “pass” the ball to the FB on that play. Has to learn to eat those and live for another day.