Cole Kelly Has Got To Be Sore

Tomorrow. Man, he took a beating tonight. I wondered was he injured towards the end of the 3rd quarter because he seemed to throw more off balance, like he was favoring his back foot as if it was injured. He definitely has a presence & good arm strength. We gotta protect him better because he gives us a chance the rest of this year.

Tough young man

Tough kid for sure, future looks good with him and the young receivers. Was wondering if injured or still working on mechanics cause he was throwing with a lot of arm and off balance.

Maybe we should throw Ty Storey out there for the Aubrun beat down. Let Cole and Austin heal up for the ‘winnable’ games.

Now he knows what AA feels like after “every” game.
His respect just grew some I’m sure.

Good or bad, the Allen brothers have taken some brutal hits, went through a lot of rehab, a few surgeries and a few shots over the years to play QB here.

Performance aside, they are as tough as they come.

And a burned truck. Tough is an understatement.

I pity the fool who burns Cole’s monster truck.