Cole Kelley and the spread

There are some folks on here who have asserted that Cole Kelley can’t run a spread offense because he lacks mobility, and that the new coach will have to start over at QB… I think that is just dead wrong.

First, the idea that the spread fails without a mobile QB who is a threat to run the ball is a myth. Look at the guys playing QB this year for two of the rumored candidates to be the next Hog HC.

Gus’s QB is Stidham, who also played QB for Art Briles at Baylor. ESPN shows him with 70 carries for 102 yards, with a long run of 24. Keep in mind that college QB rushes include sacks. Riley Ferguson plays QB for Norvell at Memphis. He has 36 carries for 34 yards, with a long of 15.

So you can be successful running a spread system whether your QB is a mobile runner or not.

Also, Cole ran the spread in high school, and he has shown ability this year to make some yards running the football, even if the chances of him making a guy miss are not very high. He’s also at times looked more comfortable running a tempo offense than huddling every play. So Cole can succeed in a spread offense without being a gifted runner, as proven by the QBs playing for guys most often mentioned as becoming the next HC.

I guess Norvell runs a true spread (though defining “the spread” is difficult).

I would argue Gus’ offense isn’t actually “the spread.” (I am assuming people are gearing up for Gus to arrive). Yes…there are usually 3 WR’s. Sometimes 4. But the offensive line splits are NOT wide as with most spread teams. He runs power running plays…with lead blockers…most plays. As many have pointed out, Gus really runs his own variation on the Delaware Wing T…out of the shotgun.

And…he runs it 65% of the time.

What makes Gus’ offenses so good is the multiplicities of them, all based on two things: With six or more defenders in the box pass; with fewer than six run. It is hurry-up.,There won’t be any of that QB deliberation stuff with him. He seeks 90 to 100 plays a game. In the BB offense in is 50 to 60.

I think Cole Kelley has good potential. He’s not a speed demon, but he is a willing runner. He’ll look a lot better with better offensive linemen.

Uh Clay, your last sentence is certainly a point with which I think none of us can take issue. However, you failed to then explain how we go about getting those better offensive linemen. :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

I disagree. Cole doesn’t have the passing accuracy. Nearly ever throw he’s made this year, the receiver had to jump or slide to make the catch. I know he can improve with coaching, but lack of accuracy worries me.

Big arm QB’s often struggle with accuracy for a couple years, some struggle all the way to the NFL before fine tuning it. They also have a tendacy to sling it a few times in games that quickly spells TD.

I do think cole would benefit greatly from losing 20+ Pounds. I think that could really help his quickness.

His arm is a gift, just have to teach him to use it the best he can. I still question if he will be the guy moving forward though.

When he first came to the majors, Randy Johnson had trouble finding the strike zone. Somehow he learned and made it to the HOF. Accuracy does improve with time and good coaching.

If Gus or Norvell comes, I don’t think Cole will be the starting quarterback unless the coach can’t recruit a dual threat quarterback. Stidam starts for Gus because he is an excellent deep ball passer. He is an average runner, at best. Cole running the spread would not be to Cole’s advantage. He is not a spread quarterback. He is currently in a system suited for his talents. Cole has a nice leadership quality and is a competitor. He has a good arm, but does not throw a pretty ball or an accurate one. His throws wobble like a bad wheel on a car, but he is a winner.

We’ll know a little more about Cole’s future in a couple of weeks, I would guess.