Cole Hedlund (North Texas)

4-4 FGs - 40, 41, 18 and 51 yds

Maybe he has grown up and the pimples aren’t screaming
at him from the mirror.

Never saw any pimples on him.

Great kid, just didn’t work out.

He was 14-of-24 in his career - 9 of 15 as a freshman, 5 of 7 as a sophomore and 0-2 as a junior with a long of 45 meaning that he has a new long after one game at North Texas.

How cruel would it be if he were to come back to RRS and beat us with a walk off FG?

Good for Cole. In the TCU pregame warm up he was nailing them from everywhere. Then in the game it fell apart.

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.


Hyperbole, Dudley. :roll: