Cole did not make trip


He gone.

Didn’t make trip due to “sickness”, but was spotted on Dickson.


Cole Kelley is not on the field warming up with the quarterbacks right now. Ty Storey, Connor Noland, John Stephen Jones and Jack Lindsey did make the trip.

No Daulton Hyatt?

This could be a sign of another spot opening up. It’s a mess.

He was just looking for something to soothe his sore throat.


Dre Greenlaw not on the travel roster either.

Whew, 3 of our best defenders! Definitely time to take the “over”, even though it’s 60. MO may have that by half-time.

Now that’s a surprise.

Dre is there, but in street clothes.

At least it’s not a discipline issue.

I’m sure Cole Kelley will move on next year. I’m on record as appreciating him becoming a Hog and being an encourager and playing hard when he’s in the game.

Best to Cole.

He has an ankle injury.

I agree. Cole has the right attitude, but also has puppy feet.

Cole wasn’t a crybaby and accepted his role, any role with enthusiasm.
Who knows, if he gets in the right system with a good QB coach & that arm he could do well.
TY Cole