Colarado for Christmas

My wife and I want to spend a few days in Colarado for Christmas. Does anyone know of a good place to stay where we have a decent chance at a white Christmas? A cabin would be preferable

Thanks in advance!

Estes Park…

I’m not a Coloradan, but I’d bet any place you go in the mountains give you almost 100% chance of a white Christmas (at least one with snow on the ground). You might get a pretty good deal with covid still being rampant. I have no idea how it will effect tourism in ski areas. Check the Dillon area or up around Estes Park

jgage or coloradohog are the ones to talk to.

Thanks folks. I’ll start looking there

My wife and I are planning the same (with son and his wife and other son as well). She is wanting a nice (but not over the top) cabin. Access to ski slopes is not required as I don’t think any of us will be skiing.

If either of our Colorado friends has some tips, please let me know!!

Both of you send me a PM or even call, 303-887-2639. there are plenty of places. It just depends on what you want. Remember, just cause you are in the mountains, does not mean you will have snow. I can pretty much promise a white Christmas (I have had one for 15 yrs straight now). It sort of depends on what else you may want. For sure, I would start by saying you want to be on the West slope. If skiing is not required, the further away from a ski area the less expensive it will be. Just depends on what you want to do and how much is your budget.

My $.02 - Frisco is a very nice town at about 9000’, near BR and Copper Mountain. Reasonably priced as it’s not a resort but very close and (if I’m not mistaken) with free transportation to resorts

lol, stay at the Stanley all winter…if you dare!

All work and no play makes Jack a Dull Boy



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