“Capps is the ninth Razorback to enter concussion protocol since the start of camp, and the eighth on offense.”

I understand the safety concerns of head injuries and would always error on the side of protecting against permanent injury. My question , as I have not seen anything about this particular item, why are we having more of these than prior years (I may be wrong but it seems more prevalent this year)? A couple of years ago it was ankle issue.

I do know that not being able to practice is going to carry over into the game performance and if a head injury concern I would expect that to be a longer carryover item as well. I also wonder why more on offense than defense.

I think there are a couple of things to consider.

Just because they are in concussion protocol doesn’t mean they have a concussion. I am sure that with each passing year doctors (and most coaches) are going to be less hesitant to put someone into protocol if they suspect the player has a head injury. There have been nine in protocol in 12 weeks since the preseason began. That doesn’t seem like a high number to me, given how many hits these players take on a weekly basis.

Morris seems to be more willing to tell media when a player is in the protocol, whereas past coaches either didn’t talk about concussions (John L. Smith had his SID describe them as injuries above the shoulders) or only said when a player was out with a concussion, after they had failed the protocol for that week. The latter is what I remember Bielema doing, but maybe I remember that wrong.

its because the coaches have not taut them to be more physical. the lineman are not big enough when they get to Arkansas so they have to bulk them up. their not naturaly huge like most SEC lineman. that’s what ive ben thanking last few years and our guys . they don’t have elite over all body power.

Not even close. If that were true, why are NFL players, the cream of the crop of both athleticism and physicality, in and out of concussion protocols regularly? No amount of strength, speed or physicality protects you from a concussion when you get hit in the head.

Just saw where the NCAA is being sued over head injuries. I’ll predict that we’ll more and more litigation on this moving forward. It’s real and live changing. Caution is required in every case.

I have a friend who’s son had a concussion in the 10th grade. It was horrible the kid had to take off school for 6 months and never played again. Scary stuff.

How do other schools compare with Arkansas in player time lost due to concussion protocol? That is the question that should be answered. Might take some in-depth research by a journalism intern with nothing but time and a good spread sheet app.