Cobi Hamilton

… just had a nice catch for a TD to win the game for the Steelers in OT.

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You beat me to it! Came here this morning to post the video :wink:

Watched the game, good for Cobi!

Awesome to see - was beginning to think he might not ever make an active roster. Kudos to Cobi!

Great for Cobi!! I always liked Cobi!

Actually we could use 2, 3 or 4 guys just like him. My brother meet Mr. Hamilton in his first spring game I think. My brother said Mr. Hamilton was sharply dressed and a very nice man. They actually meet in the rest room (sorry) and as they walked out continued to talk for 10 to 12 minutes. Good for the family as well!

He had been on active roster for awhile.

Cobi wound up with 17 catches for the season in Pittsburgh and two TDs. Played in 11 games.

Oh I knew he was on the active roster - I’m a Steelers fan. I’m talking about prior to this season. Didn’t know how much longer the practice squad stints would continue…very happy for him.