Don’t know what his issue is, but wish him the best. Also hope he isn’t throwing his football career away (unless he wants to do so), he seemed to have a lot of ability and potential.

It’s killing me, can’t remember the name of another defensive end from years ago who also was a former WR and really blossomed his senior year and was drafted by the Falcons I think.

Jamal Anderson

Jamaal Anderson, straight outta LR Parkview.

Bingo! Thanks.

I was surprised to see he “wouldn’t play in the bowl game”.

I’ve been busy and off the board a few days, but I thought he was off the team. so in an odd way, this is better news than I had thought about him. He has the ability to help us. but clearly he has something to clean up/improve to play for us. hope he figures it out, he looks like he could make some money in football, and our staff sure seems able to help him get there.


yeah, I am confused as to his status with the team. Also, we really need him in the bowl game. Dude can play.

Coates is dealing with undisclosed off the field issues. (Posted in an article) Prayers for the young man.


Yeah didn’t read the article but Dudley said he’s dealing with issues nobody should have to deal with, that’s good enough for me.I too will be praying for the young man.


Bump to what Youdaman says. Tough year and tough time of year to have to deal with any of life’s issues and challenges. Hope he gets peace soon.


Amen to that. Get well young Mr. Coates. You are a Razorback and
we are praying for you.

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Coates will get proper help. I wouldn’t speculate on his future as a football player just yet, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

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More important things than football. Praying for positive outcome for Mr Coates.

Prayers for the young man

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