Coates in the transfer portal?

Great opportunity for an upgrade via grad transfer. Regret Hogs didn’t provide the young man what he was looking for, but should be a win win for both.

Once again we don’t have any openings right now. Just because Coates is leaving doesn’t mean we can bring in someone to replace him; the 25 initial counters are taken and we can’t add anyone until the summer, which would be pushed forward to 2022. Confused? I think that’s the idea…

OK, my bad. For some reason I thought grad transfers counted only against the hard 85 cap. I stand corrected.

School has started. You can’t just bring in a player right now.

Huge Loss. By far the most explosive guy we had coming back, somehow someway
by either recruiting or Portal we better get a defensive line that can hold its own or we will never have a good defense.

Agreed. Hate to hear we are losing him for sure as it is a huge blow off the edge.

Also agree. Was really looking forward to seeing him play next year. The kid is very talented. Wonder if this is a result of the change in the DL coach.

Interesting reading CSP’s comments on the need to improve recruiting. Believe that is obvious if we want to consistently compete with teams in the upper half of the conference. Really need some major wins on the DL this coming year. Hard to win one on one battles when you are going up against 4 and 5 star players.

I had forgotten that he got himself in the doghouse somehow; didn’t play against either Moo U or Bummer. That could have also contributed to the decision to leave.

"If’ this is his motivation, it’s just not smart. His best play is to build on what he’s learned at Arkansas. He’ll start behind anywhere else.

Anyone with less than one year on campus, awarded a scholarship becomes an Initial Counter. (one of 25),

Definition of an Initial Counter. First time receiving scholarship aid at Arkansas.

Any recruits brought in for this summer, must be brought in as nonrecruited walk-ons who go into fall camp and earn a scholarship. See NCAA rule

2020-2021 D 1 manual

At the time it was said he had personal issues to deal with, not so much disciplinary or in the doghouse. But that could have been Coach speak to cover for him.

He is not in doghouse. Personal issues.

All the best to Julius…praying his issues are resolved.

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